Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Some Private Yoga Session Testimonials

“We took up yoga with Cheryl, because we thought it might help both of us after I had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer and started chemotherapy. My previous, very limited, exposure to yoga had been years ago when I got a yoga book and almost immediately put my back out. I was suspicious and questioned if it would help, but thought it worth a try. We both found it fun and helpful. For an hour a week, at least, I could forget about cancer and it was great having private sessions:

  • There was no worry about appearing useless in front of a well trained class
  • Cheryl could tailor the exercises to our ability, and vary the difficulty and pace accordingly
  • We could alter the times and dates to suit (especially important with unscheduled medical appointments)
  • It was probably easier to relax at home during the meditation bits…I sometimes nearly fell asleep.
  • You don’t have to leave home
  • We both found it difficult to remember the moves; practice was therefore intermittent”


“Thank you for another wonderful class, you are really great at knowing how to tailor it for my specific needs, which makes me feel listened to and understood; one of the things in life we all seek… you offer much more than yoga!”


“Cheryl was recommended to me by classmates at a U3A exercise/yoga class, as I was looking to concentrate more on yoga sequences and develop a routine that I could use at home. Firstly, I joined a set of group classes run by Cheryl and then I had some one-to -one sessions. I found that the individual attention enabled me to work on specific movements and series of movements which suited me and which I could develop as I became more familiar with them. The personal touch really makes for a much more fulfilling experience, improving my confidence in my own ability and allowing me to work at my own pace.

I embarked on this journey at a time when I was stressed, low on motivation and rather adrift. I use yoga to relax, focus on a more mindful approach to life in general and put my body through a gentle but effective workout. Cheryl provided a calm, professional, nurturing experience in which this could be achieved. Thank you Cheryl”


“I decided to have one to one yoga classes with Cheryl because I had tried several times to go to a group class but I didn’t feel safe or confident with what I was doing.  Some of the poses seemed very difficult to me and I constantly felt I was going to fall or hurt myself pulling a muscle or something.  I felt very insecure, but I wanted to do yoga to complement the Pilates I had been doing for over 10 years. I think it’s very important at a certain age to strengthen and stretch your body to keep healthy and fit into old age.   I couldn’t understand why, if I was fit and flexible that I felt so lacking in confidence.  At the start of my 1st session with Cheryl I noticed how quick and shallow my breathing was, but by the end of the lesson my breathing was much fuller and deeper and I felt much more relaxed.  Cheryl made me feel so confident and gave me the security I needed to relax, enjoy, and develop my yoga journey.  Her studio was warm and welcoming and safe.  After each class I felt calm and my body felt fluid and stronger.  After a course of one to one classes I joined one of Cheryl’s weekly classes.  I felt so much more confident and happy to relax and do what my body wanted rather than being self-conscious and insecure.  Cheryl inspires confidence, she is very knowledgeable, never pushes you beyond your limitations but creates a safe environment in which you can explore and push your boundaries at your own pace.”


“I first attended one of Cheryl’s private session with my mother whom has some health issues. We both felt very at ease with Cheryl as she introduced herself and learnt a little about us and what we wanted to achieve from the private Yoga sessions. On the very first session she started us off very gently as we had no experience and mums breathing was an issue. We came away after an hour feeling relaxed and yet lifted at the same time.

The interesting thing I noticed over the next few sessions was I became aware of my emotions, posture and breathing whilst doing every day tasks. This in turn encouraged me to sit better and notice my breathing which helped relax my thoughts and reduce stress levels. My mum I know benefited from it. On one particular day she felt very chesty and really didn’t feel up to yoga at all. I encouraged her along and let Cheryl know mum didn’t feel too great. During the session mum started to cough a lot and Cheryl moved into a position to open up the air ways without us knowing what she was doing. Mums coughing improved and she left saying “I feel so much better I’m glad I came”

When I saw my mum stressing about things, with the very simple corpse pose I learnt from Cheryl we would both lie on the floor and breath, stretch and switch off for 5mins or more in our own home. What an amazing difference  it made.

The area Cheryl has is ideal, peaceful, warm, calming like Cheryl’s approach and with the occasional chimes sounding from the garden you can forget all your worries for the hour spent there. Thank you and I will be booking again soon.”

Natalie Fillingham (support worker and single mum of 2)

“I decided to have some one to one yoga sessions over the summer as I was really enjoying the yoga class with Cheryl but knew that I needed more help with my technique and some of the positions. There were some positions that we do regularly and I wanted to make sure that I really understood what my body felt like when I was in the correct position. Cheryl does correct us in class but obviously can’t give the same level of individual attention as in a one to one.

So, for me, the private instruction was very positive as we could linger on a position or a movement until I had made progress with it and was more secure in my understanding. I think the main things I gained from the private sessions was greater confidence and more physical awareness of how the positions felt.

I really enjoyed the one to ones. I liked being in Cheryl’s studio as it is a lovely light and calming space in her garden, and warm! It was a very peaceful space to practise in. I enjoy the class and will always go to the class as I like the feeling of being with others, but the one to ones give an extra boost!”

Hilary Street

“Everyone’s body is different and has different capacities and abilities. I like the fact that yoga, in the right hands, acknowledges this and encourages you to challenge yourself safely. Having recently joined Cheryl’s class, I recognised that she has the skills, empathy and safety awareness that other yoga teacher’s do not always possess. I felt secure in her class: she creates a calm, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

To help improve our alignment, a friend and I booked a one to two session at Cheryl’s warm and welcoming home studio. It can be difficult, especially in downward facing poses to know if you are on the right lines. With just two of us, we could take advantage of some more individual attention and some tips and suggestions in relation to how our own bodies work. We both feel more confident now to develop our own practice and challenge ourselves further. I am aware of how I have improved. Thanks Cheryl”


“I go to weekly group lessons with Cheryl which I really enjoy.  However, I decided to book a private lesson as I wanted to clarify the detail of some postures and make sure that I consolidated what I have been learning.  Cheryl’s studio in her garden is a great space – perfect to relax, slow down and focus on yourself.  The experience was very positive – I came away with a better understanding of how to do things and that Cheryl understood what is right for me.”


“Approaching 60 and finding myself with various minor physical problems including arthritis in my knees, I embarked on losing weight and increasing my fitness which has been quite successful.  However one area which still caused me concern was my lack of balance and flexibility, with stiffness in my neck and back a problem.  I’d been thinking about learning to do yoga for quite a while but found the idea of a large class of super keen, super fit and well-practiced people quite intimidating.  Having seen Cheryl’s details,  I decided to treat myself to a number of private lessons to get me started and she’s been able to teach me a variety of very easy postures/movements which I do regularly at home and which don’t hurt my neck and back.

I’ve now noticed that when I drive I can turn my neck much more easily; something which makes backing into a parking space easier.  Having found standing on one leg quite difficult I can now manage quite a length of time before I lose my balance which is a big improvement and although it’s only about 3 months since I started, I’m feeling a lot more positive – I shall continue with it!

If like me, you’re worried about joining a group yoga session but would like to learn it safely (as opposed to learning it from a book or internet), do think about having some private sessions with Cheryl  – I’m really glad that I did and feel happy to recommend her.”

Philippa Woodward

“I was a complete newcomer to Yoga. I approached Cheryl as I was seeking to learn and understand the benefits of a yoga practice. I had sustained a knee injury which had left me holding back from returning fully to physical activity.

I wanted to learn the basics of Yoga at my own pace without the pressure of being in a group. I felt that having one to one sessions would help me work with my body, and gain trust as I had lost my confidence in terms of the knee injury and my range of movement. It was important for me to learn in a safe environment with someone who met my needs, offered guidance and was non-judgemental in their approach.

Having private yoga sessions offered me the dedicated time and space to learn Yoga at a pace which complemented my level of ability. I found myself learning so much more about Yoga than just the poses / sequences. Our sessions were gentle, informative and specifically tailored to both my needs and desired outcomes.

It is a good introduction and safe way to begin and learn yoga. You work with your desired outcome and at your pace within your own bodies range, all within a supported environment. As a result of my one to one sessions, I noticed the following and increase in Confidence and Trust, Flexibility and Strength and Mindful Connection.

I enjoyed seeing my progression from my one to one sessions with Cheryl. I discovered how yoga has many benefits which complement my health and wellbeing, coupled with enhancing my everyday life. Beginning Yoga has ignited within me a beautiful journey, which has now become a sacred practice in my life.”