Private Yoga Tuition

Private Yoga Tuition

In my beautiful purpose built garden yoga studio we will work together to build personalised Yoga sessions tailored to your individual needs.  Incorporating physical movements, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation, private yoga tuition has the advantage of being customised to reflect you and your unique body!

Reasons why you might chose Private Yoga Sessions:

  • You can schedule the session for your convenience.
  • You can learn how to breathe in a way that is stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system activating the relaxation response and fueling the body.
  • You can receive physical assists and adjustments during the session in addition to learning new poses.
  • You can learn how to work with injuries or conditions you may have.
  • You can learn proper alignment for your body.
  • You can learn challenging poses with one to one support.
  • You can learn how to modify poses in a way that is unique to your body, in order to help build a pose properly and safely.
  • You can learn how to use equipment to enhance your practice.
  • You can explore meditative practice, guided visualizations and relaxation techniques.
  • You can ask questions, stop and start practice and go over certain postures in your own time and pace.

Typically Private Yoga sessions are for an hour, but duration of sessions and whether one-to-one or one-to-two can be negotiated. Prices start for one-to-one from £50 per session and £75 for one-to-two for 60 minutes. Private yoga tuition can be as a one off, or on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. Private 1:1 or 1:2 lessons are also strongly recommended as the best introduction for complete beginners.

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